Waste management

We provide specialized hazardous
and non-hazardous waste management services.
OUR PURPOSE is to promote recycling, to reduce landfill
disposal and to contribute the preservation of the environment.

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Incineration of hazardous waste

We incinerate waste in special hazardous waste incineration plant that is unique in Baltic States.
For incineration we accept: infectious healthcare waste, waste containing PCB, pesticides, chemicals, medications etc.

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Environmetal cleaning works

We are operating with environmental pollution removal and fuel tank cleaning works.
We provide pollution studies and demolition projects.

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About us

Epler & Lorenz began operating in 1991. We started as a waste oil collector and incinerator in the first hazardous waste incineration plant in Baltic States.
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Collecting hazardous waste

We collect waste from companies and civilians all over Estonia.
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Waste collecting stations

Collecting stations, where we accept waste from civilians.
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Composting and decontamination of contaminated soil

We compost biodegradable waste and decontaminate contaminated soil.
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