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We accept waste from companies according to Purchase/Delivery contract. Companies without contract and citizens can pay either in cash or with bank tranfer.

Price list effective as of 01.01.2017

Minimum invoice is 10.00€ + taxes 20%


Lead batteries + 0,40 €/kg
Fe-Ni batteries 0.60 €/kg
Ni-Cd batteries 0.60 €/kg
Batteries 0.60 €/kg

Waste oil

Waste oil in 200l barrels and tanks (not containing water) 0.00 €/kg
Waste oil in small containers (containing water) 0.26 €/kg
Waste oil collected in tanks and barrels 200 l (containing water) 0.26 €/kg
Emulsions 0.26 €/kg
Oil wastes and wastes of liquid fuels 0.26 €/kg
Tank bottom sludges 0.30 €/kg
Tank bottom sludges (200 l) 0.35 €/kg
Oil/water separator contents 0.30 €/kg
Oily water from oil/water separators 0.26 €/kg
Oilfilters 0.35 €/kg
Components containing PCBs According
to the analyses

Paint, varnish, adhesive and solvent

Waste paint, varnish and adhesive in small container 0.55 €/kg
Waste paint, varnish and adhesive in barrell (200 l) 0.50 €/kg
Solvents in barrell (200 l) 0.23 €/kg
Solvents in small containers 0.30 €/kg

Mercury-containing waste

Mercury (thermometer) 45.00 €/kg
Fluorescent tubes 0.00 €/kg


Laboratory chemicals 3.50 €/kg
Photochemicals 3.50 €/kg
Acids 3.50 €/kg
Alkalines 3.50 €/kg
Pesticides 3.50 €/kg

Healthcare waste

Medicines 2.45 €/kg
Sharps 2.45 €/kg
Infectious healthcare waste 2.45 €/kg

Contamineated package and wiping cloths

Packaging containing residues of or contaminated by dangerous substances 0.55 €/kg
Absorbents, cleaning swobs, filtermaterials and protective clothing that are contaminated by dangerous substances 0.55 €/kgCRT


Waste containing asbestos

Construction materials containing asbestos 0.15 €/kg
Asbestos 0.45 €/kg

Wastes from electrical and electronic equipment

Household electronic equipment 0.00 €/kg
Industrial electronic equipment 0.35 €/kg
Wastes from electrical and electronic equipment 0.00 €/kg
Non-complex refrigerator (without compressor) 10.00 €/piece
Non-complex electronic equipment (only CRT etc) 0.15 €/kg
Electronic equipment destruction 0.35 €/kg

Non-hazardous waste

End-of-life tyres 0.15 €/kg
Separately collected plastic, cardboard and paper packages 0.00 €/kg
Mixed packages 0.15 €/kg
Construction/demolition waste and furniture 0.15 €/kg
Biodegradable garden and park waste 0.15 €/kg
Unmanufactured wood waste 0.15 €/kg
Shredding of documents 0.35 €/kg

- Taxes are not included